Did you know?

Fat! Worthless! Ugly! Are you even a human? Your face looks like the moon! Stupid! Imbecile! You are so thin! Expressions we thought are nothing but to some, it is a big thing. Mean it or not, these are words that shouldn’t be uttered. And yes, I am totally guilty of saying these words. And these words can make someone take their own life.

I have been reading news about children and teenagers, even adults committing suicide because of what people told them they are. This is when they think everybody is thinking that way about them. And sometimes, these people would look like those words never affected them. These same people looks happy and content with whatever it is that is happening to them without us knowing what they really feel. But hey, this is only one reason why people commits suicide. Before we go deeper into this write up, I would like you to know that you are loved and valued! Smile!

Before, I really would never understand why people would commit suicide, why they feel depressed over things that seems to be simple yet is very complicated to them. Before, I would blame the person who committed suicide for his own demise but now, if we just know how to deal with depression, things will be better for these people who don’t have the audacity and strength to face the world the way other people would do. For this first installment of my depression series, I would like to tackle about the reasons why people are depressed and eventually commits suicide because I think this is timely and relevant.

  1. The family they belong to seems to be not a family at all.

Our family should be a place of refuge not judgment and hatred. I have seen people commit suicide because their family is any of these:

a. Broken family- I salute separated couples who were able to maintain a good family even when they have decided to be apart. But many of the broken families I know have children who are totally damaged and devastated by the separation. We all need a mom and a dad who will be there whenever we need them and it’s understandable if someone will be depressed if his parents are separated and there’s no one for them to talk to about how their day went by. There’s no happiness at all. I mean, when you belong to a complete family, when you get home, certainly you would talk to your mom or dad about how exciting your day was in school and these people don’t have that. These people are looking for this type of relationship that they can’t seem to find and they carry that as a burden.

b. They belong to a dysfunctional family- a family may be living together physically but they are no longer connected emotionally. Many people I know belongs to a family like these one. For some reason, they don’t care about each other. I’ve had a student before who did not attend the moving up ceremony because he had a simple misunderstanding with his mother. And I really don’t understand why this misunderstanding would reach that level. Why ruin an important occasion which should be celebrated instead? Simple things like this may add up to the burden of someone who thinks negatively about many things.

2. They envy other people who they think is living the best life.

a. Social Media- In this day and age of social media influencers, many people tends to want the life that these influencers are living- they travel a lot, they eat in the nicest restaurants, wears the best clothes and have the latest of the latest gadgets. This should never be a problem in the first place, but somehow, there are people who regrets being born to a family who can only afford the normal stuffs and as a result, they envy the lives of the rich and famous. They would think that they don’t matter because they can’t travel, they don’t have the latest gadgets and much to my surprise, other people would be depressed because they don’t have a following in their Social Media. People, these problems are definitely not a problem at all! Always remember that your worth isn’t defined by all the things mentioned above. Stop validating yourself from the opinion of other people. Your connection with God and yourself are more than enough.

b. Good Grades- students these days are a bunch of grade conscious individuals who would do anything to get high grades. And many of them becomes depressed when they don’t have the high grades they expect they would get. Many of them becomes extremely sad because they think that their parents would be angry if they wouldn’t finish the year with honors. This might be true because there are parents who pressures their children because of what other people would say about their family especially when these parents are achievers. Please, to the parents, don’t expect too much from your children and people, stop thinking that if the parent is an achiever, the children should be too. We all have different personalities and different abilities. Also, the rate of development differs in each individual. This society that we are currently living has forgotten that fact.

3. Relationships

Lately, people commit suicide because the people they love romantically left them/ dumped them. And what is more alarming is that these people are only on their teenage years and still have many chances of meeting better partner. Guys, always remember that if they leave you, it’s them who is losing. Of course, especially when you know that you’ve given more than enough to keep your relationship going. If they left, then be sad. It’s okay. But don’t dwell in the past. Move forward, be thankful that you’ve meet them once in your life and that they weren’t God’s Best for you. There’s always time for everything. Wait for God’s best!

Lastly, I just want to say to you that you are loved, valued and cared for! Have a nice day!

Disclaimer: The author of this article isn’t a professional about these matters. Everything that is written above are based from his personal experiences and observations. Thank you!

Please stay tuned for the next instalment of this series. God bless!   


Five books to read this rainy season

Monsoon season is the perfect season for us people to read because it’s also the perfect season to sip tea or coffee. Perfect pair right? So whether you are somebody who loves to read or someone who wants to start a new hobby or a techy person who wants to lessen screen time, I have the perfect books for you to read this gloomy and moody season! (Also muddy) 😂

1. Why we broke up by Daniel Handler

2. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

I have a separate book review for this one which you can see here: http://bit.ly/SecondChanceSummerReview

3. Amy and Rogers Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

4. Save the Date by Morgan Matson

5. Positively Beautiful by Wendy Mills

For my full review, visit my YouTube Channel here:


My Insta Stories Apps

Many people have been asking me about the apps that I use for my Insta/Facebook Stories and I am really tired of replying back to them! Lol! 😂 So this blog entry is about that, my Insta Stories App!

1.Unfold– is a free app on the App Store/ Play Store! It offer different templates for you to put your photo or video to a whole new level! ❤️ Here are sample photos I edited out!

You can either stay with the free templates under CS 1 or buy the other templates as well or opt to be a member of the Unfold Plus where you can get additional templates and more fonts!

2. Canva– honestly, this app is one of those apps that pretty much can do everything you need! You can edit an Instagram post and stories, your YouTube Thumbnail, blog banners, invitations and many more! What is good is that many of the crazy beautiful templates are for free! Here are some sample photos:

3. VCUS– Now, this one is my present addicition! 😂✌️I discovered this app through a blog from my fave Nocole Andersson! 😘This app will allow you to make 10 seconds video perfect for you stories! ❤️Here are the samples!

So this app is actually for free on iOS devices but sadly, isn’t availabale to Androids. Also, this app offers a lot of templates that you can use for free! Awesome, right? I know! ❤️

To use these apps, and achieve these beautiful videos and photos, click this link please! ❤️http://bit.ly/instastoriesappbyadriel

Instagrammable Spots in Boracay- #AdrielxTravels

Finding a good spot to take your #OOTD photo can be a bit hard specially when you are in a crowded place like Boracay. But worry not! I am here to share with you the spots where I took my photos! I’ve gotten a bunch of pictures without having too many people at the background! So without further a do, let’s go!

1. Diniwid Beach- this is quite a walk from the long beach but going the extra mile is really worth it! Take a look at these photos!

Additional info: People also go here, but not a lot of them meaning you can take your time to get a lot of photos!

2. Station 1 (In front of Fridays Hotel and at Ambassador in Paradise Hotel)- after going to Diniwid, you can stop anywhere at the beginning of Station 1 to take more photos. As for me and my friend, we had dinner at the Ambassador in Paradise Al Fresco Restaurant and took the opportunity to take photos! Take a look!

Photos by the beach

At Ambassador in Paradise Hotel

3. Anywhere at the Long Beach! Just make sure to have a Paraw as your background!

No Paraw? No problem! Take a look at these sunset photos.

4. Station X at Hue Hotels

To be able to go here, you need to pay PHP 1200 which is consumable for food and drinks. You also get a day bed and a dip at their pool. If you don’t want that, you can opt to eat at their streetmarket from which you can also take good photos!

The best tasting burrito I’ve tasted so far.

Watermelon Mint Julep

5. New Coast Boracay

We transferred to a different accomodation afterwards and this place is absolutely beautiful for taking good photos! Plus, there’s really fewer people here compared to the long beach and Diniwid.

6. Puka Shell Beach

Puka Beach is known for its Puka shells but the place is also stunning for taking really nice photos! Here’s mine!

Tip: Boracay is really a crowded place so you have to know when and where to take photos. Usually, waking up very early in the morning will give you stunning photos specially when you’re staying at the long beach because there aren’t much people walking around yet.

Also, as evident from my photos, its a lot better when you look around first or research before hand. These spots and places written above are really good backgrounds and would really make your #OOTD look a lot better! If you ever find yourself in Boracay, try taking photos at these spots! Enjoy your island adventure!


Jereen P. Vitug

Brands I wore for this trip:

1. Uniqlo

2. Coco Republic

3. H and M

4. Marks and Spencer

5. Cotton On

6. Factorie

Bag: Kultura

Slides and Mandals: Milanos

Early 2019 Favorites

We have now entered the second quarter of 2019, but before we get into so much sun and beach activities, may I just share with you my favorite things this first quarter of the year! Note that I wasn’t paid to write this, I just want to share with you my experiences on using these products! Let’s start!

1. Silver Tone Stainless Steel Mesh Roundwatch by Kenneth Cole New York- I’ve gotten this watch for my 27th birthday and it is actually the first time that I have decided to buy a watch. I mean it is really not that super expensive but for me, it is just what I need. I’ve bought this for less than five thousand (PHP 5,000) because it was on sale! Also, it goes very well with any outfit that I wish to pull off!

2.SM Accesories bracelets- I am this type of person who doesn’t like to wear accesories but since I really have developed this liking for Heart Evangelista’s way of dressing up, I have decided to be the male version of her (or so)😂. These bracelets from SM Accesories will make you look put together specially this summer! And oh, did I mention that they’re only PHP 149.00? Now that’s a steal!

3.HM White Button Down Longsleeves- Boy or Girl, men or women, needs a white button down shirt in their closet. I mean who doesn’t want to look class and vibrant? White button downs will always give you that impression! So if you don’t have one, I suggest that you look at HM because this one of mine is really super breathable and comfortable- just what we need for the scorching heat of the Philippines!

4.HM Linen Pants- Have you experienced walking into a store decided not to buy anything but ended up buying something because the item is too good not to get? Well, that scenario happened with me with these linen pants! I fell in love the moment I saw it to the point that I already went out of the store not buying it only to find myself returning and already lining up to the cashier. 😂 I mean you can really not go wrong with Linen! Super breathable, stylish and flexible! I mean you can wear it to the beach, formal events or just a simple outing to the mall! You can get this for PHP 1,790 (If I haven’t totally forgotten about the price. )

5. Corduroy Button Downs from Code Blue- This button downs is everything! I mean how can you not fall in love with the color? I think the outfit suits me really well and it goes very good with the HM Linen pants! I’ve gotten this for only PHP 790.00 at the SM Department Store.

6. Nivea Men Whitening Acne Oil Control Facial Scrub- For skin care, I’ve recently found out that using this product will really help you treat your acne! I mean recently, big acnes have decided to have a staycation in my face and they’re not paying rent so I have decided to look for some remedies! This one from Nivea dries out acne fast while making sure your fave gets 10 other benefits! Good to make sure your skin stays healthy, vibrant and radiant! Also, I’ve gotten two of this for PHP 200.00! What a steal!

7. Nivea Men Oil Control Anti Acne Moisturising Gel-after washing your face, you need to moisturize it by using this product. I have noticed that they worked together really well. My acnes dried out faster when I have decided to use this gel moisturizer. What’s good about it is that it doesn’t feel sticky when you aply it to your face, just what we need in the Philippines where humidity is always at its peak!

So there you have it guys! I hope you’ve learned a thing or two about this write up! These products above are my recommendations if you ever decide to buy new things, or if you’re like me who happens to have the same situation!

Discrimination is real. And it happened at a Watson’s Store.

Discrimination is real. And it happened at a Watson’s store.

I have never experienced discrimination my entire life. And So I thought that it would never happen to me because I live in the Philippines and I thought we Filipinos would never discriminate each other. But I was wrong.

Maybe people would discriminate because of how a person appears to be. In my case, I have too many acne scars and I think it is the reason why this store clerk from Watson’s at SM Clark (which happens to be fully packed that day) to not assist me and worst checked at the cashier if I paid for what I’ve gotten making sure that I am hearing everything she says.

I entered the store with this enthusiasm to look for something that I can use to treat my emerging acnes and find this electric toothbrush that I’ve been looking for for such a very long time already. And so the discrimination begins. While every store attendants are very much accomodating, this attendant that is in charge with the rack where this Colgate electric toothbrush is located happens to discriminate me.

I asked her the difference between the two toothbrush that is beside each other but she instead asked me to read about the details written in the box. I let this pass. Next thing, I asked her to remove the toothbrush in the hanger because there is something blocking the box to be easily acquired. Instead of assisting and helping a customer, she annoyingly told me what to do making me look like an imbecile in front of my student. ( I am a teacher btw) It made me feel like she doesn’t want to help because she thinks that I can’t pay for a 550 Pesos toothbrush. I let all these pass because I really don’t want to ruin my mood just because of this person who I think have never experienced love at all.

But the worst thing she did is that after I paid she went to the cashier asking if I paid for the toothbrush I’ve gotten. I want to explode in anger! What did I do to her to even ask that? What is she thinking? Ginulo ko lang yung paninda nya tapos di ko na babayaran? I also worked at SM Department Store before and from what I know, it isn’t the way employees were taught to treat their customers. I really believe that this woman thinks that I can’t pay for everything that I have in my basket just because of how I look. I let everything pass because I really dont want to ruin my mood because I’m going to a trip the following day that’s why but I think I have to write about it because discrimination have to stop.

I want to call the attention of Watsons to check on this employee to stop her from discriminating more people. Also, we should learn that we should accept people from whatever background they are from. Also, when you commit on that job in the retail industry, you are expected to assist and help your customers with utmost respect and courtesy, it wouldn’t be called customer service if not for that after all.

I have forgiven her already although I think her attitude should be checked to avoid her from doing the same thing to other customers. Smile!

What I Listen to when I need some push and motivation in different situations


Music has always been very powerful. It can make or breakour mood. But most often than not, we would listen to music that is:

  1. Popular
  2. From our favorite singer/band
  3. Beautifully composed and arranged
  4. Would uplift our spirit
  5. would change our mood

But aside from these facts, we listen to music that reflectsour emotions and mood for that particular day. We associate how we feel withwhat song we would listen to. So for this entry, I am sharing with you tensongs that I listen to whenever I feel down and needs some motivation. Also you can listen to all of these songs by clicking this link: https://spoti.fi/2CwKMvP

When I feel discouraged:  

  1. The Voice of Truth/ Casting Crowns

I think this song is very much popular to Christians because obviously this is a Christian song but I think everyone can listen to this because of the message of the song. This is the line that I love:

Oh what I would do to have the kind of faith

It takes to climb out of this boat I’m in,

Onto the crashing waves.

To step out of my comfort zone

Into the realm of the unknown

Where Jesus is

And He’s holding out His Hands

But the waves are calling out my name andthey laugh at me

Reminding me of all the time I tried beforeand failed

The waves they keep on telling me time andtime again

Boy you’ll never win, you’ll never win

But the Voice of truth tells me a differentstory

The Voice of Truth says do not be afraid

And the voice of truth, says this is for myglory

Out of all the voices calling out to me

I will choose to listen and believe theVoice of Truth

So that was the first part of the song but as a whole, the message is to keep believing to whatever it is that you believe, that you can achieve things, that you can be what you want to be by believing and by having faith. That whatever it is that the multitudes might say, it would always be your beliefs that will make you a winner, which will always make you triumphant.

2. Say Yes/ Michelle Williams, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland

Again a Christian Song sang by theDestiny’s Child. Aside from me being a big fan, the message of this song isjust extraordinary because again, if you feel like people is not believing inyou or they are trying to put you down and discourage you, when Jesus says yes,nobody can say no.

I’m not worried about a thing

Cause I know you are guiding me

Where you lead me Lord I will go

I have no fear cause I know who’s in control

There’s no limit to what you can do

Cause it all belongs to you

Yes it all belongs to you

You are almighty and all powerful

And it all belongs to you

Yes it all belongs to you

When Jesus say yes nobody can say no

         When Jesus say yes nobody can say no

                                        When Jesus say yes nobody can say no

        When Jesus say yes nobody can say no

3. Survivor/ Destiny’s Child

I told you I’m a big fan! Who’s not listening tothis song? I mean its super brilliant! Whenever someone wants to leave or leftyou thinking that when they do, you’ll be a pile of garbage, then this songsuggests you can’t be that! You can be successful even without these people whodoesn’t believe in you or who doesn’t want to do anything with you anymore.

I’m a survivor, I’m not gone give up

I’m not gon’ stop, I’m gon’ work harder

I’m a survivor, I’m gonna make it

I will survive, keep on surviving

4. The Climb/ Miley Cyrus

I’ve always loved Miley Cyrus back when she stillsings the way she is before and this song is really one of her most beautifulsongs. It reminds me that no matter how hard the process is, no matter howunsure you are, you should always chase and follow your dreams and that mostoften than not, the climb, the way to success is actually a lot more fun thanwhen you’re already there.

There’s always gonna be there mountain

I’m always gonna wanna make it move

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Sometimes you gotta have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there

Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side

It’s the climb

After breaking up:

5. Best Thing I Never Had/ Beyonce

I love the chorus of this song because it says itall when you think you found the one yet your wrong and realized that you areactually the best thing he never had.

When I think that there was a time that Ialmost loved you

You show your ass and baby yes I saw thereal you

Thank God you blew it

I thank God I dodged the bullet

I’m so over you so baby good looking out

I wanted you bad, I’m so through with that

Cause honestly you turned out to be the

Best thing I never had

You turned out to be the

Best thing I never had

And I’m gon’ always be the best thing younever had

Oh baby, I bet it sucks to be you right now

6. Irreplaceable/ Beyonce

Well, who doesn’t love this song? I mean, it wasthe international anthem back in 2008-2009. And still, it is the anthem ofthose people who has been fooled by their flame.

So since I’m not youreverything

How about I’ll benothing

Nothing at all to you

Baby I wont shed atear for you

I wont loose wink ofsleep

Cause the truth of thematter is

Replacing you is so easy

7. Stronger/ Kelly Clarkson

Who doesn’t like this? This song can be anyone’santhem. I always believed that when a relationship ended because of seriousproblems caused by one party, the aggrieved party should always make his/herself stronger and proud. I mean, you shouldn’t just sit and wait for him/herto comeback, you are always good and you can be better even after arelationship.

What doesn’t kill you make you stronger

Stand a little taller

Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone

When I need to reflect:

8. I was here/ Beyonce

Whenever I feel like I am forgetting why I am hereon earth, I would listen to this song because it gives me the motivation to dosomething good for other people. When I say do something good, it isn’tnecessary to really do something big and spectacular. Smiling, as what I alwayssay in my IG posts can really help and motivate other people that you encountereach and everyday. You can always be a blessing to others by simply smiling.Show them that love indeed exists.

I was here

I lived I loved

I was here

I did, I’ve done

Everything that I wanted

And it was more than I thought it would be

I will leave my mark

So everyone will know

I was here

9. Where is the love/ Black Eyed Peas

When I feel like I’m being bad or have hurt someone too much, this song reminds me that only love can make this world a better place after the grace of God.  Also, this song reminds me the reality of this world and that we should actually do something to end war, violence in any form and even racism all over the world. We are all humans and we should remind ourselves that.

People killing people dying

Children hurt and you hear them crying

Can you practice what you preach?

And would you turn the other cheek?

Father father father help us

Send some guidance from above

Cause people got me got me questioning

Where is the Love?

10. Field of opportunity/ Neil Young

Growing up, I would always hear Neil Young playingin our house. My most favorite is this one because it reminds me to alwaysplant good things so that whatever happens with you in the future, you will beokay because you were able to plat good things. I mean, you’re prepared.

In the field of opportunity its plowin’ timeagain

There ain’t no way of telling where theseseeds will rise or when

I’ll just wait around ‘til spring time

And then, I’ll find a friend

In the field of opportunity it’s plowin’time again.

My Personal Style Evolution

We all have those photos that we uploaded without thinking twice! Lol! 😂 Really, I am not that super interested on Instagram before, my feed isn’t curated and the photos I post are “Just Photos”.

Today, I have decided to give my Instagram a look and I noticed how my Personal Style Evolved! And yes! It’s for the better! Thank God!

This photo was taken when I was a baby. Here, I was sitting at the Principal’s Chair! Would make babies wear these pieces again! Look how cute! 😂


These photos were taken from 2013, the year when I started teaching in the public school.

In the first pic, I am wearing a Penshoppe top, pants and shoes. Those days when I would only buy from Bench and Penshoppe! 😂

I still don’t know how to style clothes those days that’s why if you would notice, I would only wear pieces, but no styling at all. 😂 I will never create this look again! 😂

In the second and third pic, I am wearing a polo shirt from Men’s Club at SM. These are the times that I would only wear Polo Shirts and a pants and I’m already happy! Also, I can repeat this look if I’m going to the grocery or something. 😂


These photos were taken last 2014 when I would fix my hair so strong using the Grunge Up Wax from Bench! 😂I would never use it again!

In the first pic, I am wearing something that I ordered from Zalora for the top and a gray pants from SM Department Store. For the shoes, I was wearing Penshoppe. 😂Also, I still don’t know how to edit photos during those days so Retrica is life! 😂

The top in the second pic was from Men’s Club at SM Department store. The pants are from Paddock’s which can also be found and bought there at a very low price! The boots were from Rusty Lopez. 🙄

For the third photo, I was wearing a Main Street Longsleeves, and Paddocks for the pants, all can be found at the SM Department Store. The shoes though were something I ordered from Zalora! 😂

I can repeat these looks but I will never repeat my hairstyle here! I looked very much put together because of the stiff hair! 😂


I think 2015 made me realize that somehow, I should step up my Fashion Game. Although completely challenging I faced it and here are the results! 💋

For the first photo, I am wearing an Oxygen Tee, a pair of pants from Paddocks and a pair of shoes that I ordered through a brochure! I would definitely still get this look for groceries or going to the mall, or even anywhere but I will no longer cut my hair this way or apply Bench Grunge up for that matter. 😂

This floral top that I was wearing in this picture is my favorite. I’ve gotten the top from SM Dept Store’s Coco Republic, the pants from Penshoppe and shoes are from Milanos. 😂

In the next photos, I was wearing a Giordano Top, an Oxygen Slim Pants, and a Pedro Calf Skin boots! 😂

For the next picture, I was wearing a long tee as a top, and a Folded and Hung pants. The shoes were from Fila! 😂

I can definitely repeat all these looks but no to the hairstyle! Also, this year, I actually dyed my hair but it isn’t worth it because my hair is always short and the hair color can’t be noticed at all. 😂


I once fell in love with tees! ❤️

For the first picture, I was wearing a Giordano plain Tee and a bag from Folded and Hung. My pants though were from again, Paddocks. 😂

For the second picture, I was wearing a Penshoppe shirt and a Folded and Hung pants. Shoes are from Fila. 😂


For these photos taken in the year 2017, I think my style has evolved drastically. I would experiment more, and even my pose changed for the better! Lol! 😂

For the first picture, which is very much memorable for me for this is the picture that caught the attention of Uniqlo USA’s Instagram account! I felt so kilig that day! 😂 So here, I am wearing Uniqlo Mickey Mouse Tee, my ever fave Folded and Hung White Skinny Pants, and my trusty Milanos loafers. ❤️

Second look was when the faculty went to Sinagtala for our Gender and Development Training. I opted for a floral longsleeves I’ve gotten from the Men’s Section of SM Department Store, the pants is from Folded and Hung and the shoes is a pair of mules from Milanos. 🙌🏻My sunnies are from Fly Shades! ❤️

Third look, which is my second look that day when we went to Sinagtala is again a floral ensemble. Here, I am wearing a button down shirt that I bought from a local store and obviously, the same pants and shoes. 🙌🏻😂

For the fourth picture, I am wearing a top from Penshoppe, my pair of blue Paddocks pants and my Pedro boots. ❤️The sunnies again are from Fly Shades. 😂

For the next look, I created this look for a debut party of my former student turned friend with whom I share the same birthdate, Angelica Baraña. I love this look because it gave me the feel that I am in control of my life. Lol. 😂Also, it made me look matured and responsible. All of these pieces were from a local store. The mules though were from a Milanos. 🙄😂

2018- My Best Year!

For this year, I have been more fashionable because I do felt like I really have to exert effort to my style because it was the year that I have been invited to the launch of Uniqlo Philippines Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. Also, it was the year that I did a content for them that’s why it is my best year! Yey! 😂

For this first look which I wore at the Uniqlo event, I gave a nod to them by wearing their products. The inner top is the Mickey Mouse Tee from 2017 which I layered with my SM Code Blue Denim Button Down, pants is a ripped jeans from Uniqlo and the shoes is my Pedro Boots. 😂❤️

After being able to attend this event, I made it clear to myself that somehow, I should be more playful and experimental to my style.

For this second pic, I was wearing an oversized Tee from Cotton On, the pair of wide legged pants is from SM Youth and my shoes again is from Milanos. 😂I wore this look for the Annual Retreat of Grade Ten students. ❤️ Also, this look made people turn their heads. 😂

For these next look which I wore as an OOTD for a Friday, I opted for a Cotton On Blue Button Down which has a Coconut Tree Embroidery on the pocket suggesting Summer! But since I am wearing this as a teacher in school, I went back once again with my white Folded and Hung Pants and my Milanos Shoes. ❤️

These next looks which I wore when me and my friends went to Casa San Miguel and in Baguio respectively. Who doesn’t love tees? 💆🏻‍♂️ If I am buying tees, I would always choose Cotton On because they are very affordable! Normally, you can get two tees for PHP 1200! Also, their tees are very much comfortable for it is soft and feels right to the skin! ❤️Cotton On indeed! 😂

My pants for these looks are from Uniqlo and SM Youth respectively. Also, slides are from Milanos and a no brand I bought from Landmark. ❤️

Also, lastly, this year, I would like to go in more relaxed outfits by wearing whites!

For this look that I wore when I did a campaign for Uniqlo, I have chosen a white Polka Dots Short Sleeved button down, which I layered with a Uniqlo Jacket and a Uniqlo EZY ankle pants. The mules again is from Milanos! ❤️

This another AdrielxWhites look is also my favorite, because it looks stylish and fashion yet look so relaxed and laid back.

For this look:

Top: Giordano Button Down

Pants: SM Youth wide leg pants

Slides: Milanos

Also, I am currently in love with oversized short sleeves button downs like this one. ❤️

In these photos, I am wearing the ff:

Sunnies: Sunnies Studios Kaia

Buttondown: Marks and Spencer

Pants: Factorie

Shoes: Bought from Landmark

Yayyy! I’m so happy with how my style turned out to be! I’m actually proud of it! Although in the process, our choices of clothes would seem right but looking back, some outfits might be terrible! But I am happy that my style journey is actually for the better! Hoping to look better this 2019 and be more experimental! ❤️ #stylebyadriel

Twenty Seven

2018 has really been a challenge for me. Though, looking at the brighter side of things, I have made it through! And today, I am turning twenty seven years old- twenty seven years wiser, twenty seven years brighter.


1. Got invited to witness the Press Preview for UNIQLO Philippines’ Spring/ Summer 2018 Collection.

2. Got to do a content for Uniqlo Philippines’ Airism Campaign!

3. Travelled with friends and made memories that will last a lifetime!

4. Launched my own Blog/ Website! Yay!


5. The people that you sometimes take for granted are those people that will choose to stay with you.

6. The people you trust the most may sometimes leave you hanging. People you consider friends may not be true friends at all.

– Honestly, I’m glad that I finally got to reconcile with these people but it pains me to know that they will choose to ignore in times of need.

7. There are people that has a genuine heart and is ready to help you, hear you out and remind you that life is still beautiful no matter how hard your problems are.

Shout out to Jereen Vitug, my friend, thanks for helping me get through 2018.

8. Its not yet late to start a new hobby.

You can always do whatever it is that you want to do. As for me, my blog is one big achievement for me. So if you want, start doing what really interests you.

9. You can always speak out whatever it is that is in your mind.

As long as you are speaking the truth, go and speak out.

10. Let other people into your life.

Don’t limit yourself with the people who is already around you because there are people who are nice and will be happy to be friends with you.

11. Money isn’t everything but it is important.

It’s okay to spend as long as you know your limitations. I hope to continue having this kind of thinking all my life.

12. You can when you believe.

I never thought of getting invites for fashion events much more do a content for an international brand! So just believe and the impossible will become possible.

13. Live for the now.

Many of us are always glued to our devices that we sometimes forget to appreciate the moment.

13. People can be nice in front of you but shows their true colors behind you.

Well, this is kind of depressing but it happens. Though when it happens, you should be somehow prepared for it.

14. Don’t trust too much.

Always remember that trust is gained. You should not willingly give it without being sure to whoever or whatever it is.

15. Love is sweeter the second time around.

I’m very happy that we found our way back to each other. We may not talk a lot but we now understand the things that we have to do to sustain the relationship that we have.

16. I can cry for a friend.

When my friend reached this level of stupidity about love, I cried because I know that she deserves someone a lot better. I was hurt to know what kind of situation she has and so I cried.

17. I’ve learned to comtrol my patience.

Thank God. 😂

18. I’ve learned a new dish!

Seafood tinola! See my IG Highlights for the recipe!

19. It’s okay to cry.

Sometimes, you really don’t have to talk. Crying is a lot better than talking back.

20. Know when to say no.

There are times that you really have to say no.

21. There are friends that will only be with you in fun times but is not there during rough ones.

That’s why you have to choose your friends carefully because breaking up with a friend is a lot painful than a jowa break up.

22. There are friends that will stay no matter what.

Keep them.

23. Freed from all the negativities I’ve had back in high school.

Well, I’ve experienced a lot. Thank God I’m through with all that bad feels.

24. Stepped up my fashion game.

I’ve learned how to be more fashionable this year. Thanks Uniqlo and to all my fave bloggers!

25. Learned to be myself.

You should always show the real you. Being loved for something that you are not is a lie and it might break you.

26. Smile genuinely.

Learn to always smile it might make other people’s day!

27. When life throws you calamansi, make a calamansi cheesecake. 😂

Life will not always be smooth. There will always be rough times. When that time comes, make sure to make something better out of that bitter experience.

For all of these, I just want to thank everyone for the love and support that you’ve been rendering. I just want to thank God for this year, it has been very challenging but I know that a sword can only be used by bending, melting and hammering. Meaning, you have to go to through many adversities in life before you achieve success!

Hope you’ve learned something!


Adriel R.

Four places to chill, eat and relax in Baguio City! #stylebyadrieltravels

So me and my friends (aka my former students) went to Baguio last Bonifacio Day weekend. I actually never thought of going back and enjoy Baguio again. It is a well known fact that it is already overrated but who cares? Many of us treats Baguio as a go to destination for a quick weekend get away! So eventhough there’s not much to see there, we have decided to come.

Before we finally take that decision to go on a long haul bus ride, I did my research first. I really don’t want to go to overrated places there like Burnham, Mines View and the like. I want to have a better experience by avoiding the common places. So what’s the best solution to that problem? Start a gastronomic journey! I have been there too many times already but I really haven’t experienced what their restaus and cafés has to offer. So without further ado, here are the four restaus and cafés that we’ve been to where you can chill, eat and relax!

  1. Lemon and Olives Greek Tavern
Lemon and Olives Greek Tavern

Lemon and Olives claims that they are the first authentic Greek restaurant in Baguio City for their head chef is a Greek who came from Athens. I don’t know much about Greek Cuisine but I can say that my experience here is more than satisfying!


The ambiance of this Greek Tavern is really nice! Very Mediterranean, very Instagrammable!

Loving this wall! 
The facade of Lemon and Olives is really instagrammable!
These minimalistic tables and chairs will greet you upon entering. 
This place is truly relaxing!


Nom nom nom nom!
Poikilia for appetizer
Mediterranean Pasta for me!
Pastitsio for Chelsea and Micah
Greek style spaghetti for Mikee
Food experience is better with good friends!

2. Hill Station at Casa Vallejo- Upper Session Road near SM Baguio

The Facade of Casa Vallejo’s Hill Station

Well, I’ve read from Lissa Kahayon’s blog that the Hill Station is really a must see for anyone who will go to Baguio. Well, she’s correct! I celebrated my birth month there and we ordered really good and satisfying food! We even went back the next day for an afternoon tea!


The ambiance of Casa Vallejo’s Hill Station would give you a five star feels! I think almost everyone who comes and dine here are really important and high ranking people. But don’t be fooled, it might give you a really expensive feel but really, the food and the service comes in a very reasonable pricing!

Five star feels yet very reasonable and still affordable!
There’s a feeling of exclusivity at least when you’re lucky enough to be offered a table in this private dining hall. There are only four tables inside and is used when the common dining area is already packed. 


These dishes are beyond delicious!
Spaghetti with Salmon and Basil Pesto for Micah
Seafood Carbonara for Chelsea
Thai Seafood Curry for Mikee
Hill Station Green Garden Salad for me! 
To celebrate our friendship (and my birth month), I ordered a Paella!


As a fan of yogurts, I ordered this yummy frozen yogurt!
The best New York Cheese cake ever!
You should order this two: Death by Chocolate and Flan de Sevilla

Afternoon tea

For our afternoon tea, we ordered Marquesa (Frozen chocolate Mousse), Canoniga with Vanilla Cream Sauce, Deep Dark Chocolate and of course, the favorite New York Cheese Cake. For tea, we ordered Twinings Earl Grey. 

3. Decades Fusion Cuisine and After Hours Joint- Outlook Drive

The facade of Decades
( Photo by: Chelsea Gornot)

After hours of researching on the internet, we have decided to try out Decades. Apparently they have the best baby back ribs in strawberry sauce that’s why I asked my friends if we can go and try. They agreed and Decades did not disappoint (luckily). 

Facade of the restaurant
Homey vibes here at Decades


We ordered a platter good for four which turned out as a great deal because everything is for PHP 999 only! What a deal!

For PHP 999, you’ll get to taste their signature baby back ribs in strawberry sauce, grilled pork, grilled chicken Vegetable Salad, a bowl of rice and iced tea!

4. Tsokolateria

Tsokolateria is the best place for you and your friends to just chat about anything and everything!

This place is a heaven for those group of people who just want to take in the Baguio temperature at night while sipping hot chocolate and talk about anything. We stayed here for hours and called this experience our kind of night out since none of us is a party goer. The place is perfect for first dates, catching up and things like that. 

We ordered the Tsokolate Ah (pure sweetness) and a Bibingka Waffle as we waste time talking about life and what the future might bring.

If I were to rank these four lovely cafes and restaurants, this would be the order:

  1. Hill Station by Casa Vallejo
  2. Lemon and Olives
  3. Decades
  4. Tsokolateria

Also, if I will be choosing according to category, it would be this:


Winner is Hill Station


Winner is Lemon and Olives Greek Tavern


Winner is Decades Fusion Cuisine and After Hours Joint


Winner is Tsokolateria

But all in all, they are equally good!

So guys, if you’re planning to go to the City of Pines this Holiday Season, be sure to visit these four restaus because I’m a hundred percent sure that you will also love them! Happy Holidays!

Credits to my friends Chelsea, Micah and Mikee for contributing pictures!