Discrimination is real. And it happened at a Watson’s Store.

Discrimination is real. And it happened at a Watson’s store. I have never experienced discrimination my entire life. And So I thought that it would never happen to me because I live in the Philippines and I thought we Filipinos would never discriminate each other. But I was wrong. Maybe people would discriminate because of […]

What I Listen to when I need some push and motivation in different situations

StylebyAdrielxSpotify Music has always been very powerful. It can make or breakour mood. But most often than not, we would listen to music that is: Popular From our favorite singer/band Beautifully composed and arranged Would uplift our spirit would change our mood But aside from these facts, we listen to music that reflectsour emotions and […]

Twenty Seven

2018 has really been a challenge for me. Though, looking at the brighter side of things, I have made it through! And today, I am turning twenty seven years old- twenty seven years wiser, twenty seven years brighter. Achievements 1. Got invited to witness the Press Preview for UNIQLO Philippines’ Spring/ Summer 2018 Collection. 2. […]

Four places to chill, eat and relax in Baguio City! #stylebyadrieltravels

So me and my friends (aka my former students) went to Baguio last Bonifacio Day weekend. I actually never thought of going back and enjoy Baguio again. It is a well known fact that it is already overrated but who cares? Many of us treats Baguio as a go to destination for a quick weekend […]