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Fat! Worthless! Ugly! Are you even a human? Your face looks like the moon! Stupid! Imbecile! You are so thin! Expressions we thought are nothing but to some, it is a big thing. Mean it or not, these are words that shouldn’t be uttered. And yes, I am totally guilty of saying these words. And these words can make someone take their own life.

I have been reading news about children and teenagers, even adults committing suicide because of what people told them they are. This is when they think everybody is thinking that way about them. And sometimes, these people would look like those words never affected them. These same people looks happy and content with whatever it is that is happening to them without us knowing what they really feel. But hey, this is only one reason why people commits suicide. Before we go deeper into this write up, I would like you to know that you are loved and valued! Smile!

Before, I really would never understand why people would commit suicide, why they feel depressed over things that seems to be simple yet is very complicated to them. Before, I would blame the person who committed suicide for his own demise but now, if we just know how to deal with depression, things will be better for these people who don’t have the audacity and strength to face the world the way other people would do. For this first installment of my depression series, I would like to tackle about the reasons why people are depressed and eventually commits suicide because I think this is timely and relevant.

  1. The family they belong to seems to be not a family at all.

Our family should be a place of refuge not judgment and hatred. I have seen people commit suicide because their family is any of these:

a. Broken family- I salute separated couples who were able to maintain a good family even when they have decided to be apart. But many of the broken families I know have children who are totally damaged and devastated by the separation. We all need a mom and a dad who will be there whenever we need them and it’s understandable if someone will be depressed if his parents are separated and there’s no one for them to talk to about how their day went by. There’s no happiness at all. I mean, when you belong to a complete family, when you get home, certainly you would talk to your mom or dad about how exciting your day was in school and these people don’t have that. These people are looking for this type of relationship that they can’t seem to find and they carry that as a burden.

b. They belong to a dysfunctional family- a family may be living together physically but they are no longer connected emotionally. Many people I know belongs to a family like these one. For some reason, they don’t care about each other. I’ve had a student before who did not attend the moving up ceremony because he had a simple misunderstanding with his mother. And I really don’t understand why this misunderstanding would reach that level. Why ruin an important occasion which should be celebrated instead? Simple things like this may add up to the burden of someone who thinks negatively about many things.

2. They envy other people who they think is living the best life.

a. Social Media- In this day and age of social media influencers, many people tends to want the life that these influencers are living- they travel a lot, they eat in the nicest restaurants, wears the best clothes and have the latest of the latest gadgets. This should never be a problem in the first place, but somehow, there are people who regrets being born to a family who can only afford the normal stuffs and as a result, they envy the lives of the rich and famous. They would think that they don’t matter because they can’t travel, they don’t have the latest gadgets and much to my surprise, other people would be depressed because they don’t have a following in their Social Media. People, these problems are definitely not a problem at all! Always remember that your worth isn’t defined by all the things mentioned above. Stop validating yourself from the opinion of other people. Your connection with God and yourself are more than enough.

b. Good Grades- students these days are a bunch of grade conscious individuals who would do anything to get high grades. And many of them becomes depressed when they don’t have the high grades they expect they would get. Many of them becomes extremely sad because they think that their parents would be angry if they wouldn’t finish the year with honors. This might be true because there are parents who pressures their children because of what other people would say about their family especially when these parents are achievers. Please, to the parents, don’t expect too much from your children and people, stop thinking that if the parent is an achiever, the children should be too. We all have different personalities and different abilities. Also, the rate of development differs in each individual. This society that we are currently living has forgotten that fact.

3. Relationships

Lately, people commit suicide because the people they love romantically left them/ dumped them. And what is more alarming is that these people are only on their teenage years and still have many chances of meeting better partner. Guys, always remember that if they leave you, it’s them who is losing. Of course, especially when you know that you’ve given more than enough to keep your relationship going. If they left, then be sad. It’s okay. But don’t dwell in the past. Move forward, be thankful that you’ve meet them once in your life and that they weren’t God’s Best for you. There’s always time for everything. Wait for God’s best!

Lastly, I just want to say to you that you are loved, valued and cared for! Have a nice day!

Disclaimer: The author of this article isn’t a professional about these matters. Everything that is written above are based from his personal experiences and observations. Thank you!

Please stay tuned for the next instalment of this series. God bless!   


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