My Insta Stories Apps

Many people have been asking me about the apps that I use for my Insta/Facebook Stories and I am really tired of replying back to them! Lol! 😂 So this blog entry is about that, my Insta Stories App!

1.Unfold– is a free app on the App Store/ Play Store! It offer different templates for you to put your photo or video to a whole new level! ❤️ Here are sample photos I edited out!

You can either stay with the free templates under CS 1 or buy the other templates as well or opt to be a member of the Unfold Plus where you can get additional templates and more fonts!

2. Canva– honestly, this app is one of those apps that pretty much can do everything you need! You can edit an Instagram post and stories, your YouTube Thumbnail, blog banners, invitations and many more! What is good is that many of the crazy beautiful templates are for free! Here are some sample photos:

3. VCUS– Now, this one is my present addicition! 😂✌️I discovered this app through a blog from my fave Nocole Andersson! 😘This app will allow you to make 10 seconds video perfect for you stories! ❤️Here are the samples!

So this app is actually for free on iOS devices but sadly, isn’t availabale to Androids. Also, this app offers a lot of templates that you can use for free! Awesome, right? I know! ❤️

To use these apps, and achieve these beautiful videos and photos, click this link please! ❤️


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