Instagrammable Spots in Boracay- #AdrielxTravels

Finding a good spot to take your #OOTD photo can be a bit hard specially when you are in a crowded place like Boracay. But worry not! I am here to share with you the spots where I took my photos! I’ve gotten a bunch of pictures without having too many people at the background! So without further a do, let’s go!

1. Diniwid Beach- this is quite a walk from the long beach but going the extra mile is really worth it! Take a look at these photos!

Additional info: People also go here, but not a lot of them meaning you can take your time to get a lot of photos!

2. Station 1 (In front of Fridays Hotel and at Ambassador in Paradise Hotel)- after going to Diniwid, you can stop anywhere at the beginning of Station 1 to take more photos. As for me and my friend, we had dinner at the Ambassador in Paradise Al Fresco Restaurant and took the opportunity to take photos! Take a look!

Photos by the beach

At Ambassador in Paradise Hotel

3. Anywhere at the Long Beach! Just make sure to have a Paraw as your background!

No Paraw? No problem! Take a look at these sunset photos.

4. Station X at Hue Hotels

To be able to go here, you need to pay PHP 1200 which is consumable for food and drinks. You also get a day bed and a dip at their pool. If you don’t want that, you can opt to eat at their streetmarket from which you can also take good photos!

The best tasting burrito I’ve tasted so far.

Watermelon Mint Julep

5. New Coast Boracay

We transferred to a different accomodation afterwards and this place is absolutely beautiful for taking good photos! Plus, there’s really fewer people here compared to the long beach and Diniwid.

6. Puka Shell Beach

Puka Beach is known for its Puka shells but the place is also stunning for taking really nice photos! Here’s mine!

Tip: Boracay is really a crowded place so you have to know when and where to take photos. Usually, waking up very early in the morning will give you stunning photos specially when you’re staying at the long beach because there aren’t much people walking around yet.

Also, as evident from my photos, its a lot better when you look around first or research before hand. These spots and places written above are really good backgrounds and would really make your #OOTD look a lot better! If you ever find yourself in Boracay, try taking photos at these spots! Enjoy your island adventure!


Jereen P. Vitug

Brands I wore for this trip:

1. Uniqlo

2. Coco Republic

3. H and M

4. Marks and Spencer

5. Cotton On

6. Factorie

Bag: Kultura

Slides and Mandals: Milanos


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