Discrimination is real. And it happened at a Watson’s Store.

Discrimination is real. And it happened at a Watson’s store.

I have never experienced discrimination my entire life. And So I thought that it would never happen to me because I live in the Philippines and I thought we Filipinos would never discriminate each other. But I was wrong.

Maybe people would discriminate because of how a person appears to be. In my case, I have too many acne scars and I think it is the reason why this store clerk from Watson’s at SM Clark (which happens to be fully packed that day) to not assist me and worst checked at the cashier if I paid for what I’ve gotten making sure that I am hearing everything she says.

I entered the store with this enthusiasm to look for something that I can use to treat my emerging acnes and find this electric toothbrush that I’ve been looking for for such a very long time already. And so the discrimination begins. While every store attendants are very much accomodating, this attendant that is in charge with the rack where this Colgate electric toothbrush is located happens to discriminate me.

I asked her the difference between the two toothbrush that is beside each other but she instead asked me to read about the details written in the box. I let this pass. Next thing, I asked her to remove the toothbrush in the hanger because there is something blocking the box to be easily acquired. Instead of assisting and helping a customer, she annoyingly told me what to do making me look like an imbecile in front of my student. ( I am a teacher btw) It made me feel like she doesn’t want to help because she thinks that I can’t pay for a 550 Pesos toothbrush. I let all these pass because I really don’t want to ruin my mood just because of this person who I think have never experienced love at all.

But the worst thing she did is that after I paid she went to the cashier asking if I paid for the toothbrush I’ve gotten. I want to explode in anger! What did I do to her to even ask that? What is she thinking? Ginulo ko lang yung paninda nya tapos di ko na babayaran? I also worked at SM Department Store before and from what I know, it isn’t the way employees were taught to treat their customers. I really believe that this woman thinks that I can’t pay for everything that I have in my basket just because of how I look. I let everything pass because I really dont want to ruin my mood because I’m going to a trip the following day that’s why but I think I have to write about it because discrimination have to stop.

I want to call the attention of Watsons to check on this employee to stop her from discriminating more people. Also, we should learn that we should accept people from whatever background they are from. Also, when you commit on that job in the retail industry, you are expected to assist and help your customers with utmost respect and courtesy, it wouldn’t be called customer service if not for that after all.

I have forgiven her already although I think her attitude should be checked to avoid her from doing the same thing to other customers. Smile!


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