Twenty Seven

2018 has really been a challenge for me. Though, looking at the brighter side of things, I have made it through! And today, I am turning twenty seven years old- twenty seven years wiser, twenty seven years brighter.


1. Got invited to witness the Press Preview for UNIQLO Philippines’ Spring/ Summer 2018 Collection.

2. Got to do a content for Uniqlo Philippines’ Airism Campaign!

3. Travelled with friends and made memories that will last a lifetime!

4. Launched my own Blog/ Website! Yay!


5. The people that you sometimes take for granted are those people that will choose to stay with you.

6. The people you trust the most may sometimes leave you hanging. People you consider friends may not be true friends at all.

– Honestly, I’m glad that I finally got to reconcile with these people but it pains me to know that they will choose to ignore in times of need.

7. There are people that has a genuine heart and is ready to help you, hear you out and remind you that life is still beautiful no matter how hard your problems are.

Shout out to Jereen Vitug, my friend, thanks for helping me get through 2018.

8. Its not yet late to start a new hobby.

You can always do whatever it is that you want to do. As for me, my blog is one big achievement for me. So if you want, start doing what really interests you.

9. You can always speak out whatever it is that is in your mind.

As long as you are speaking the truth, go and speak out.

10. Let other people into your life.

Don’t limit yourself with the people who is already around you because there are people who are nice and will be happy to be friends with you.

11. Money isn’t everything but it is important.

It’s okay to spend as long as you know your limitations. I hope to continue having this kind of thinking all my life.

12. You can when you believe.

I never thought of getting invites for fashion events much more do a content for an international brand! So just believe and the impossible will become possible.

13. Live for the now.

Many of us are always glued to our devices that we sometimes forget to appreciate the moment.

13. People can be nice in front of you but shows their true colors behind you.

Well, this is kind of depressing but it happens. Though when it happens, you should be somehow prepared for it.

14. Don’t trust too much.

Always remember that trust is gained. You should not willingly give it without being sure to whoever or whatever it is.

15. Love is sweeter the second time around.

I’m very happy that we found our way back to each other. We may not talk a lot but we now understand the things that we have to do to sustain the relationship that we have.

16. I can cry for a friend.

When my friend reached this level of stupidity about love, I cried because I know that she deserves someone a lot better. I was hurt to know what kind of situation she has and so I cried.

17. I’ve learned to comtrol my patience.

Thank God. 😂

18. I’ve learned a new dish!

Seafood tinola! See my IG Highlights for the recipe!

19. It’s okay to cry.

Sometimes, you really don’t have to talk. Crying is a lot better than talking back.

20. Know when to say no.

There are times that you really have to say no.

21. There are friends that will only be with you in fun times but is not there during rough ones.

That’s why you have to choose your friends carefully because breaking up with a friend is a lot painful than a jowa break up.

22. There are friends that will stay no matter what.

Keep them.

23. Freed from all the negativities I’ve had back in high school.

Well, I’ve experienced a lot. Thank God I’m through with all that bad feels.

24. Stepped up my fashion game.

I’ve learned how to be more fashionable this year. Thanks Uniqlo and to all my fave bloggers!

25. Learned to be myself.

You should always show the real you. Being loved for something that you are not is a lie and it might break you.

26. Smile genuinely.

Learn to always smile it might make other people’s day!

27. When life throws you calamansi, make a calamansi cheesecake. 😂

Life will not always be smooth. There will always be rough times. When that time comes, make sure to make something better out of that bitter experience.

For all of these, I just want to thank everyone for the love and support that you’ve been rendering. I just want to thank God for this year, it has been very challenging but I know that a sword can only be used by bending, melting and hammering. Meaning, you have to go to through many adversities in life before you achieve success!

Hope you’ve learned something!


Adriel R.


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A Licenced Teacher trying lut to blog about food, fashion, books and travel.

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