Four places to chill, eat and relax in Baguio City! #stylebyadrieltravels

So me and my friends (aka my former students) went to Baguio last Bonifacio Day weekend. I actually never thought of going back and enjoy Baguio again. It is a well known fact that it is already overrated but who cares? Many of us treats Baguio as a go to destination for a quick weekend get away! So eventhough there’s not much to see there, we have decided to come.

Before we finally take that decision to go on a long haul bus ride, I did my research first. I really don’t want to go to overrated places there like Burnham, Mines View and the like. I want to have a better experience by avoiding the common places. So what’s the best solution to that problem? Start a gastronomic journey! I have been there too many times already but I really haven’t experienced what their restaus and cafés has to offer. So without further ado, here are the four restaus and cafés that we’ve been to where you can chill, eat and relax!

  1. Lemon and Olives Greek Tavern
Lemon and Olives Greek Tavern

Lemon and Olives claims that they are the first authentic Greek restaurant in Baguio City for their head chef is a Greek who came from Athens. I don’t know much about Greek Cuisine but I can say that my experience here is more than satisfying!


The ambiance of this Greek Tavern is really nice! Very Mediterranean, very Instagrammable!

Loving this wall! 
The facade of Lemon and Olives is really instagrammable!
These minimalistic tables and chairs will greet you upon entering. 
This place is truly relaxing!


Nom nom nom nom!
Poikilia for appetizer
Mediterranean Pasta for me!
Pastitsio for Chelsea and Micah
Greek style spaghetti for Mikee
Food experience is better with good friends!

2. Hill Station at Casa Vallejo- Upper Session Road near SM Baguio

The Facade of Casa Vallejo’s Hill Station

Well, I’ve read from Lissa Kahayon’s blog that the Hill Station is really a must see for anyone who will go to Baguio. Well, she’s correct! I celebrated my birth month there and we ordered really good and satisfying food! We even went back the next day for an afternoon tea!


The ambiance of Casa Vallejo’s Hill Station would give you a five star feels! I think almost everyone who comes and dine here are really important and high ranking people. But don’t be fooled, it might give you a really expensive feel but really, the food and the service comes in a very reasonable pricing!

Five star feels yet very reasonable and still affordable!
There’s a feeling of exclusivity at least when you’re lucky enough to be offered a table in this private dining hall. There are only four tables inside and is used when the common dining area is already packed. 


These dishes are beyond delicious!
Spaghetti with Salmon and Basil Pesto for Micah
Seafood Carbonara for Chelsea
Thai Seafood Curry for Mikee
Hill Station Green Garden Salad for me! 
To celebrate our friendship (and my birth month), I ordered a Paella!


As a fan of yogurts, I ordered this yummy frozen yogurt!
The best New York Cheese cake ever!
You should order this two: Death by Chocolate and Flan de Sevilla

Afternoon tea

For our afternoon tea, we ordered Marquesa (Frozen chocolate Mousse), Canoniga with Vanilla Cream Sauce, Deep Dark Chocolate and of course, the favorite New York Cheese Cake. For tea, we ordered Twinings Earl Grey. 

3. Decades Fusion Cuisine and After Hours Joint- Outlook Drive

The facade of Decades
( Photo by: Chelsea Gornot)

After hours of researching on the internet, we have decided to try out Decades. Apparently they have the best baby back ribs in strawberry sauce that’s why I asked my friends if we can go and try. They agreed and Decades did not disappoint (luckily). 

Facade of the restaurant
Homey vibes here at Decades


We ordered a platter good for four which turned out as a great deal because everything is for PHP 999 only! What a deal!

For PHP 999, you’ll get to taste their signature baby back ribs in strawberry sauce, grilled pork, grilled chicken Vegetable Salad, a bowl of rice and iced tea!

4. Tsokolateria

Tsokolateria is the best place for you and your friends to just chat about anything and everything!

This place is a heaven for those group of people who just want to take in the Baguio temperature at night while sipping hot chocolate and talk about anything. We stayed here for hours and called this experience our kind of night out since none of us is a party goer. The place is perfect for first dates, catching up and things like that. 

We ordered the Tsokolate Ah (pure sweetness) and a Bibingka Waffle as we waste time talking about life and what the future might bring.

If I were to rank these four lovely cafes and restaurants, this would be the order:

  1. Hill Station by Casa Vallejo
  2. Lemon and Olives
  3. Decades
  4. Tsokolateria

Also, if I will be choosing according to category, it would be this:


Winner is Hill Station


Winner is Lemon and Olives Greek Tavern


Winner is Decades Fusion Cuisine and After Hours Joint


Winner is Tsokolateria

But all in all, they are equally good!

So guys, if you’re planning to go to the City of Pines this Holiday Season, be sure to visit these four restaus because I’m a hundred percent sure that you will also love them! Happy Holidays!

Credits to my friends Chelsea, Micah and Mikee for contributing pictures!


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