A Day in Casa San Miguel

Many of us, when we get a bit older, wants to have a more relaxed type of going out with friends not caring about malls and shoppings and things like that. We just tend to want more intimate and quality time with friends we trust the most. So as someone who already went to Casa San Miguel, I think it would be the perfect place for me and my friends to hang out and chill and be away from the noise of our everyday work which is teaching. Casa San Miguel is the place to be.Casa San Miguel, Brgy. San Miguel, San Antonio, Zambales

How to get here from Bataan:

Victory Liner Bus Ride to San Antonio, Zambales (Fare: PHP 113.00 from Dinalupihan, Bataan)

Note: Take the Sta. Cruz or Iba bound bus for you not to be stressed by long lines in the Bus Terminal if you will just ride a bus from Bataan to Olongapo.

Get off at San Antonio Municipal Hall and take a tricycle ride: PHP 20.00 per person

And voila, you’re now at Casa San Miguel

Facade of the Casa

The facade of the house will surely take your breath away because its very Instagrammable. In my opinion, every corner is picturesque. 

The moment we saw the facade of the house, we are sure that it would be the perfect place to just share our experiences, our problems, to be just humans, to be normal and most of all to be friends.

We went here to simply distress and just take sometime out of our routine. The three of us have different issues and problems that we need to face so it would be good for us to just go away for a bit and be our true selves laughing the day away.

The Casa’s bookstore where you can read books or just laugh out loud with friends, either way the place is still instagrammable.

Also having friends whom you can talk to about anything are for keeps. These people that I’m with, they are just amazing. I mean we can just talk and be crazy the whole day!

The Casa Backstage Café

Of course after all the chitchats and dramas, you would need to eat! Bad thing for us, we didn’t know that their Pinoy Cuisines can only be ordered ahead of time since it would take 1 to 2 hours to be prepared. But if you’re planning to go, here’s their menu.

We were only able to order sisig because my friends refused to eat anything but rice for lunch. But I heard their Pitsa Sambaleño and tuyo pasta are their best seller. Also, from my previous trip here with a friend, I’ve tried their Longganisa Carbonara and its divine!

Pork Sisig

Longganisa Carbonara

Usually they have a guided tour of the place for it also serve as a museum and a music school, but since they are currently renovating the place, visitors are free to roam around. Also, normally, visitors need to pay 100 pesos as support to music and arts students every summer but since they are in the midst of renovation, it is waived till December. But even when they are renovating the place, you can still roam around and take pictures inside the Casa like what we did while laughing the sadness away! Here are some pics:

View from the rooftop

Also, after walking, taking photos and stuffs, you might want to just seat under a tree with these modified hammocks and talk about life, love and just anything under the sun!

Truly, experiences and relaxations are best shared with true friends!

So if you’re planning to have intimate moments with friends, or just want to reconnect with your innerself, Casa San Miguel is truly the place to be! Go now!


What I wore:

T-Shirts: Cotton On

Pants: SM Youth

Slides: SM Milanos Shoes

Camera: iPhone 6s Plus

Editing App: Afterlight 2


18 thoughts on “A Day in Casa San Miguel

  1. clint jezreel sioson


  2. Chelsea_wolfie

    Uiiii super ganda ng shots and also nung place ❤️

  3. karen laureta

    Yayyyyy gandaaaaa😍❤

  4. Super ganda talaga dyan! ❤️

  5. Melvin

    Let’s go here! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    wow! ganda naman saan po yan?
    lezzzgoow na

  7. Anonymous

    As always … hindi pwedeng hindi ako magugutom kayari magbasa . And hindi pwede g hindi ko tandaan yung anggulo nung mga pictures ahaha 😂😅 at sinasaulo ko HAHAHAHHAHA tinatandaan ko ahaha kung saan yung place … 😂 wanna meet you in person … Mr. Adriel … you look pogi po kase kapag tinitignan ko po yung mga shots mo (lols😂)

  8. Hahaha! Sino ito? Hahaha. Thank you!

  9. Zhamantha

    Nice place sir❤

  10. Wow ganda ng mga pics mo. Sobrang relaxing ng ambiance. Keep blogging!

  11. Thank you so much po! Sa Casa San Miguel, San Antonio Zambales po. ❤️

  12. Thank you so much po! ❤️

  13. Ok. Parang gusto ko din puntahan yan someday. 👍

  14. John

    Nice place! Visiting Zambales soon. ❤️

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