A letter to my cousins ❤️

My dearest cousins,

I always miss the way we use to be- the way we laugh, the way we deal with things, the way how we would always find each other no matter how far we are. How we chase sunsets! ❤️

We would always be so quirky and make fun out of serious matters. We would always see the brighter side. We would always make sure that the love we shared ever since we we’re kids is still there.

We would stop in the middle of a road to take photos. But most of all, we always make sure that we make memories.

We are not afraid to make funny faces in front of the camera but what is better is that we are not afraid to show who we really are when we are together. We deeply know each other by heart.

Now that we’re all grown up, I hope that we remain to be close and reliant on each other. That we will support each other in all ways possible. That we will accept each other no matter who and what we have become. That we will never change no matter what and where success would bring us.

I love you all my cousins, my loves! ❤️ God bless us all! And when life would end for any of us, we will never have regrets for we have each other. For we have our Father.

Missing all of you.


Your Kuya Adh


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A Licenced Teacher trying lut to blog about food, fashion, books and travel.

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