My Go-To Restaurants and Favorite Foods #nomnomnom

38833134_1019999771495262_5196514427880341504_nThe Beanery Dinalupihan

I have always been a foodie but I have never been very adventurous when it comes to food. I really wont eat just anything or anywhere for that matter. Today, I will be sharing with you my go to Restaurants/Cafe and the food that I always order whenever I crave.

Restaurant/ Cafe no. 1- THE BEANBOX CAFE

I was sad when The BeanBox cafe closed temporarily for renovation because I really like the place for its ambiance, style and comfort that it gives. I would sometimes do my work here or even waste time chatting with my BFFs. Now that they’re finally open (see my other blog about the newly renovated The BeanBox), I can finally spend time here without being bothered by too many people coming in at The BeanBox Kitchen (their bigger place). So without further ado, here are my favorites from The BeanBox Cafe.

For breakfast, I would normally order the following:

  1. Mushroom omelet which is so divine. The serving also includes bread and vegetable salad on the side.
  2. Daing na Bangus. Who would refuse daing na bangus for breakfast? Though I would suggest that they offer a boneless version of this one but other than that it’s perfect!
  3. Beef Tapa (not pictured here) is also something that can jump start your day specially when paired with hot dark chocolate.

Note: They serve breakfast all day and every order comes with a freshly brewed coffee. 


 For Lunch out with your office mates and barkadas, you can opt for a lighter meal yet very filling.

  1. Seafood Marinara. This is my new favorite pasta from their menu. You can choose from maybe ten dishes of pasta from their menu though. I recommend the Italian Sausage if you are allergic to seafood.
  2. Supreme Pizza- They offer four or five flavors of pizza but in my opinion this is the best.

Suggestions: You can order blue lemonade if you are on a budget or a frappe or a milk tea! My favorite would be Oreo Milk Tea but from what I’ve heard, it’s no longer offered but it’s one of their best. For frappe, I always go for butterscotch. 

Now for having some chitchats over coffee with your jowalalay or bestie or just read books by yourself, these are the pastries and drinks that I recommend:

  1. Raspberry Latte and Yema cake- Actually the only choice that I make whenever I decide to have some coffee is the raspberry latte. the name itself suggests how good it can be! Their yema cake is also very divine because it’s not too sweet! Just right for everyone’s liking.
  2. Raspberry Latte and Blueberry Cheesecake- Who would turn down a blueberry cheesecake?
  3. Raspberry Latte and Ube Ensaymada- Their version of ube ensaymada is perfect! I love it when I eat it together with my favorite latte.

Reminder: Ask the crew first if their pastry is newly delivered/ freshly baked because sometimes you can order something that is not suited for your liking. 

38052809_331280840950767_635655920017211392_nFor dinner, this is what I would recommend:

Grilled Salmon- who can say no to the goodness of freshly grilled salmon? I love this dish so much! Can no longer say anything but delicious!

Other recommendations: Crispy Kare KAre, and the one which has Korean on its name.

Restaurant/Cafe no. 2. Tempura Japanese Grill

The closest branch of this restaurant is in SM Pampanga, but I think in Manila, there are plenty of branches located in SM malls. So even though I live in Bataan, I always have this tendency to crave for Japanese food! So if you’re like me who always crave for that or someone who wants to try some Japanese food goodness, here are my recommendations for you!

 On the table”

  1. Kani Sushi
  2. Salmon Sushi
  3. Tuna Sushi
  4. California Maki
  5. Miso Soup
  6. Gyoza
  7. Kani Salad
  8. Beef Gyudon
  9. Ebi Dynamite Roll

Note: This is their unlimited offering for PHP 499 plus PHP 30 if you want to add unlimited Iced Tea. 

Now if you want single orders, here are my top recommendations for your exquisite Japanese taste buds.

 So basically, most of the items here can also be ordered through their unlimited menu, but here are the ones that are not included:

  1. Ebi Bacon Maki- I mean, you really have to try this!!! You’ll forget your name after eating this! Lol!
  2. Yakiudon- is a Japanese version of Pancit Canton but it tastes better. My mom who loves Pancit Canton ditched the it for the Yakiudon. That’s how good it is.
  3. Shrimp Tempura- Of course, if you’re not allergic to seafood, go try this out.
  4. Drinks: a. Mango Shake/ Four Seasons- I mean they use real fruits making it a healthier option for the health conscious.
  5. Molten Lava Cake- Cap off your Dining experience with this awesome dessert! So delicious!

Other recommendations: Kaisen Sizzler and Seafood Ramen

Restaurant/ Cafe no. 3. The Beanery

The Beanery is a Bataan based cafe with several branches all over the province. I normally go here for merienda and sometimes, for breakfasts. Here are my top recommendations for all of you.

I usually go here for afternoon tea session with my friends or to read books by myself especially when The BeanBox Cafe closed for renovation. Here are my top picks:

  1. The Beanery Club
  2. Earl Grey Tea
  3. Baked Mac with Cordon Bleu
  4. Barbecue Shrimp
  5. Asian Salad
  6. Mojos (not in the picture)

Other Restaurants:

38240838_575237902878671_6671961351914520576_nCASA SAN MIGUEL

Without exaggerating, this is one of the best Carbonara I’ve ever tried! Sadly we weren’t able to taste their other dishes because they’re only partially open on Mondays and not everything on the menu is available. So please, don’t go if it’s a Monday.


I love their Seafood Ramen. Their Maki is also good but I prefer the ones from Tempura.

39580707_721423768202515_3075142871074996224_oDavid’s Tea House

I love their Beef Wonton and the dimsum is perfect!!! Try it out!


Now if I crave for some steak goodness, I would go for Roberto’s.


  1. Salisbury Steak
  2. T- Bone Steak
  3. Pumpkin Soup
  4. Strawberry Milk Shake

Now, are you hungry? Let me know what dish made you drool! Lol!


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