Favorite OOTD’s for the month of October

Hello friends! I am launching a favorite OOTD’s series monthly and this is my first entry! I hope to educate everyone that it’s not about having new clothes, it’s more like styling old clothes to get a new look.

Look No. 1- The Friday Friyay Look


Achieve this look! Tuck in the Uniqlo Shirt to your Uniqlo Ezy Ankle Pants

Top: Uniqlo Stripes Crew Neck Shirt- PHP 790

Pants: Uniqlo Ezy Ankle Pants

Look no. 2- I’m ready for anything/ Don’t mess with my pants look


Get this look!

For this look, I tucked the front part of the shirt to give it a little edge. It looks a little bit formal though it can also pass to be a bit casual.

Top: Uniqlo Men’s Oxford Slim fit long sleeve shirt- PHP 990

Pants: Uniqlo EZY Ankle Pants

Slides: Milanos

Look no. 3- Sunday Service Look

For this look, I once again tucked a part of the shirt in to help me achieve a very casual vibe yet still can be good for going to Church.

Sunnies: Sunnies Studios Laguna

Top: Uniqlo Extra Fine Cotton Broad Cloth Shirt

Pants: SM Youth Wide Leg Pants

Slides: Milanos

Look no. 4- Cowboy look


I have decided to go white to celebrate Teachers Day!

Neckerchief: Just a simple bandanna which I converted to a neckerchief.

Top: The Beatles Shirt

Pants: Folded and Hung

Bag: SM Shoes and Bags

Slides: Milanos

Look no. 5- Casual is everything look


Get this look with the Uniqlo Ezy Ankle Pants

Top: Cotton On

Pants: Uniqlo Ezy Ankle Pants

Shoes: Milanos

Look no. 6- Casual yet Formal look


Top: Marks and Spencer

Pants: Uniqlo Ripped Jeans

Slides: Miniso Rubber Slides

Look no. 7- Malling look


We all want to go to the mall looking fash yet feeling very comfy right?

Top: Cotton On

Pants: Uniqlo Ripped Jeans

There you have it friends! I hope you get inspired not to buy too many clothes because you can always slay everyday by knowing how to style the pieces that you already have!

Tell me what you think in the comment section below! Love!


27 thoughts on “Favorite OOTD’s for the month of October

  1. William

    Thanks for this tip! I now have the drive to wear my old clothes instead of getting new ones all the time!

  2. Ronald

    Agree! You really don’t have to buy many pieces to be fashionable! It’s really about styling! Good job!

  3. Atasha

    I like look no. 4!

  4. Kate

    I’ll go for look no. 3! ❤️

  5. stylebyadriel

    I like that too! ❤️

  6. stylebyadriel

    Me too! I seem to like everything though. 😂

  7. stylebyadriel

    Yasss! A handful of pieces are enough to slay! 😂❤️


    Hi sir💮

  9. Sophia

    Look no. 7 is the best!

  10. stylebyadriel

    I like that too! 😂❤️

  11. stylebyadriel

    Hello! Hope you like my blog!

  12. Aldrin

    I like no. 4

  13. stylebyadriel

    I like that too! Thanks for commenting! ❤️

  14. Pandaninnna

    The outfit number 2 is very affordable ❤❤

  15. stylebyadriel


  16. Melvin

    Gusto ko yung no.4 kaso di yun babagay sakin. Kalaki ko eh! Sayo lang bagay mga ganyan! I’m proud na ginagawa mo na yung gusto mong gawin dati pa!

  17. Hindi mo nga bagay! Mas bagay yung jersey lang sayo! 😂Thanks!

  18. Jat Jat

    Look no. 3 is definitely the best!

  19. Jat Jat

    Style me up! Lolol! 🙂

  20. Jat Jat

    By the way, where did you get the wide leg pants? So nice!

  21. Smyth! Its on sale now! Grab one!

  22. Being in style doesn’t mean you have to wear overly expensive outfits. Most of the time, it is about right mixes and matches of your clothes. (could be brand new or not) of course a balance of colors. Thank you for these great ideas! I could be a personal stylist of my own!

  23. Aspiring Blogger

    Loving all the looks!

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