Tortured by my former teacher

I am Adriel Lingad, 27 years old, a teacher. A profession that I’ve chosen thinking that I could get revenge to my former high school teacher. 

This teacher looks beautiful and angelic, but upon knowing her, demons can truly be glamoured. She speaks softly, act innocently and she’s even graceful. She is truly beautiful without a heart yet with a brain that can manipulate anyone who comes near her. Devil incarnate indeed. 

It was a normal day for our section. Everyone was being chatty as f, you know like our usual selves. Waiting for her to come in and start her new boring lessons. Yes boring, but my classmates were always excited to see her. They’re excited about what she will wear or is she gonna show her boobs again or give is a peek of her thongs. Seeing her is so disgusting because she is the epitome of a porn star. Alluring as they say. Many of my male classmates and many of her former male students remember her not because she taught them really well, but they remember her because she has given them reasons to have wet dreams. I still remember one of my mate saying, “I’ll go to church after class”. And he said that because she wore a see through top which reveals her sky blue bra. Imagine, are we in school or are we watching a bikini contest? Also, I would hear students talking about how this teacher is the object of their masturbation. Disgusting as f. 

Aside from personifying a porn star in school, she’s also bitchy as fuck. No teacher is truly close to her. She is totally disconnected to the school and the faculty. I still remember how I almost died because of her arrogance and ignorance. It was a stormy day and the mayor suspended the classes at 3 pm because there are already floodings around town. She didn’t know that the class has already been suspended and continued teaching. How did this happen? Because she’s a bitch like that, nobody informed her that the classes were already suspended. What are the results? Many of my classmates had a really hard time going home because its too hard to get a vehicle that would give us a ride. As for me and my friend, we were able to grab one by 6 pm and our way home is truly catastrophic. The way to our barangay is already flooded and the currents are really strong. The tricycle that we’re riding really had a hard time getting us through. Since I live in a very rural area with rice fields and stuff, snakes, big rats, and many more went out of their place and decided to be carried away by the currents. Imagine if we were bitten by a snake? Or what if the tricycle was carried away by the current? This teacher is terrible. Imbecile. And self absorbed. I was traumatized by that experience because that was the first time I’ve ever experience something like that. 

But it’s not the real reason why I feel like I am emotionally and mentally tortured by her. The one thing that I remembered was when she lashed out to our section because one of my classmate can’t stop talking. She threw her claw hammer into the class and it landed next to me. I’m thankful that it didn’t hit me but imagine if that metal landed on my head? What could’ve happened? She then slammed our classroom door really hard and walked out 3 minutes after entering our class. 

Up to this day, I can’t take away that thought from my mind. What if that hanmer landed on my head? What if I died? Is it okay to do that? Is it okay to lash out like that? And so I thought it was okay. 

Really, I have been short tempered. I am short tempered. But looking back, I can say that that experience, that torture, that irresposible response to noisy students, made me easy to lose my patience and also lash out to my students now that I am already a teacher. I see students before as people who needs to be disciplined the way this teacher of mine acted. That what she did is right and just. That my students should also experience what I have experienced. And I was wrong. I wish to take this opportunity to apologize to all my students who I somehow hurt in all possible ways. 

Now, this teacher of mine is already in position. She is now tasked to lead other teachers. She told me this one time,” Adz, it is just only now that I’m seeing through a School Head’s perspective. And I thought she changed. She never did. Maybe, she is the devil incarnate, or maybe she’s Lilith, Queen of Edom, or maybe she is one of the Princesses of Hell. I don’t know. But from what I’ve heard, she is currently trying teachers instead of giving them protection. Well, maybe, she is on her way to get revenge, but I never thought she could ever get into that extent. She is abusing her authority and power to manipulate people, to execute people, to accuse people. She is turning friends against each other, families against families and who knows what else can she do? Maybe, she can also be capable of greater sins because from what I’ve heard, she’s also got a murderous mind. 

I feel sorry and pity for her. She is out of control. Her power has somehow get into her head and started controlling her or maybe, its the other way around. I just hope its not yet too late for her. 

As for me, I don’t know when will I ever stop thinking about how she was able to influence me negatively. And when can I ever stop exercising the ways I’ve gotten from her. But what is clear to me now is that those actions are wrong and I should stop doing it. But the trauma, the anxiety and the fear that I’ve gotten from her, I dont know when will that ever stop. She has somehow controlled me. And I am angry to myself about it. I just hope I can survive without thinking about her ever again. 


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12 thoughts on “Tortured by my former teacher

  1. Hi Ad if he’s one of your high school teachers .. well I probably know her. ☺️ We have the same experience as well with this teacher. You describe her accurately. Im happy to know that were sharing the same opinion. I also had bad experiences from her before. I feel you. 🙏🏻

  2. If you’re describing this teacher in my head, I also have bad memories from her. I have been addicted to masturbation up until I was 25 years old because she would always show up too sexy in the classroom for a teacher. She would let us see her thongs or whatnot. I’m happy I survived that bad chapter of my life. Needed to see a psychiatrist though.

  3. I feel you! I also have too many bad experiences from her that up until this day, I still suffer. I heard she’s not changed but is now good in persecuting teachers. You know, hoiler than thiu attitude as what you’ve said.

  4. Hi Sir, I feel sorry for your previous experience. Ramdam ko padin po na nanjan padin yung anger sa puso nyo. Thankful po ako naging teacher ko kayo. I salute you Sir.

  5. To all of you who’s been trying to reach out because of this blog post, thank you so much! Also, I made this blog to free my mind from the bondage and trauma I’ve gotten from this past experience. I don’t intend to expose someone by writing this because clearly, I never mentioned anyone in the blog. Also, I still believe that people can change and that we are not really the person of the past because we keep on evolving and changing. Thank you for all the support that I have been receiving! God bless us!

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